LIGHT-IT! LED Porch Light

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light-it! porch light
  • LED FLOODLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ - ultra-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  • MOTION ACTIVATED - auto on/off for hands-free convenience and safety
  • WEATHERPROOF - sealed for protection against moisture
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LEDS - extend battery life, never need replacement
  • EASY INSTALLATION - installs in minutes using only 2 screws, no wiring necessary
  • MOUNTING PLATE - makes installation and battery replacement a snap
  • ADJUSTABLE - head rotates to aim the light where needed
  • ATTRACTIVE - sleek, simple design complements any exterior
  • BATTERIES - uses 4 C Batteries (sold separately)

LED Floodlight Technology

floodlight led vs. ordinary led diagram

What is it?
A blend of special LED and lens technologies to create better - and more useable light.

Why is it needed?
Ordinary LEDs emit a highly concentrated beam of light and illuminate only a small area
Ordinary LEDs provide very little ambient light - area outside of the beam is dark
Ordinary LEDs emit a "hot" light which produces glare and causes eye-strain

What are the benefits of LED Floodlight Technology™
Ultra-wide beam of bright, glare-free light - you can see more
Even and balanced illumination over a wide area - you can see better
No more eyestrain or discomfort

LEDs and Floodlight Technology - the smarter choice.
LEDs are the next generation of lighting technology
LEDs never need to be replaced.
LEDs use only 10% of the energy that a conventional light bulb translating to fewer batteries in landfills and more money in your pocket.

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